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Products and services

In any automated production process, the #1 priority is protecting the employees.

Since 1975, Electro-Mag has been providing innovative solutions in machine safety in the industry.

A proud partner of manufacturers at the forefront of the production of safety solutions, and thanks to the experience acquired in several types of applications, Electro-Mag has become an essential partner when it comes to securing hazardous areas and workstations.

  • Protective light curtains
  • Safety laser scanners
  • Security cameras
  • Safety photoelectric sensors
  • Safety switches for pivoting protective devices
  • Electromechanical safety switches
  • Interlocking safety switches
  • Contactless safety switches
  • Cable-operated safety switches
  • Safety position switches
  • Safety authorization switches for setting or maintenance mode
  • Two-hand safety control systems
  • Safety encoders
  • Safety mats
  • Safety edges
  • Protective inductive loop detectors
  • Motion detection radars
  • Smart 3D assistance systems for anticipating collisions involving mobile equipment
  • Guards and protectors for machine-tools
  • Mesh protection and protective modular systems
  • Hot spot detectors
  • Safety control systems & safety relays
  • Intrinsic barriers & signal isolators & safety I/O modules
  • Light and sound alarms
  • And more…

Our partner brands

Automated safety devices, safety curtains, and scanners

Automated safety devices, safety switches, and curtains

Safety mats and stoppers, forklift detectors

Signalling products

Machines safety panel

Connection boxes for networks

We offer our customers customized service and cutting-edge products that help them achieve their goals.

These products are manufactured by global leaders, which guarantees total professionalism and efficiency, as well as complete before- and after-sales service.

Year after year, Electro-Mag has expanded its structure and its product range to become one of the leaders in the distribution of pneumatic components.

  • Pneumatic and electric actuators
  • Pneumatic solenoid valves
  • Air treatment
  • Fittings and tubes
  • Vacuum products
  • Fluid control equipment
  • Static electricity control
  • Measurement tools and equipment
  • C-track cables
  • Protective tubes and fittings
  • Miniature motors
  • And more…

Our partner brands

Leader in pneumatic product such as actuators, valves, airline equipment, connectors,  vaccums, dryers and more…

Electromechanical and linear actuators, control actuators

High quality pneumatic equipment such as pneumatic tube fittings, polyurethane tubing and vacuum filters.

Excellent choice in compressed air treatment, piping systemes, hoses, couplers, tolls and fluid power

Maximum performance

Electro-Mag offers a wide range of automation solutions and specific products used to support applications in all industries, even the most advanced.

Our wide range of products includes industrial components, sensors, image processing, power supplies, and automation components.

  • Relays & programmable logic relays
  • Speed regulators & soft starters
  • Push buttons and selectors
  • Energy management
  • Circuit protection
  • Power protection
  • Industrial remote controls
  • Meters & display units
  • And more…

Our partner brands

Motor controls, speed regulators, and automation

Meters and encoders, controllers and processes

Motor controls and condition display units

Timers, voltage and current relays, solid state relays

Frequency converters, soft starters, and motors

Controllers, SERVO drives, SERVO motors, I/O control panels

In a competitive economic setting where the company’s every action must be optimized to minimize production shutdowns, choosing a trusted partner is essential.

To offer you the best, Electro-Mag distributes detection and instrumentation products from world-renowned brands and guarantees a quality of service that lives up to your demands.

We’re an effective vehicle that delivers technology from those who design it to those who use it.

  • Photoelectric sensors
  • Distance sensors
  • Marker sensors
  • Tilt sensors
  • Proximity detectors
  • Level sensors
  • Flow & pressure sensors
  • Temperature & humidity sensors
  • Barcode readers
  • 2D & 3D LiDAR sensors
  • Ultrasonic sensors
  • Rotary position sensors
  • Linear position sensors
  • Standard and advanced automation curtains
  • And more…

Our partner brands

Level, pressure, flow, and temperature sensors

Inductive, capacitive, optical, and laser sensors

Optical detectors for difficult environments

Absolute rotary sensors and incremental encoders

Level, flow, pressure detectors, cables and more

Highly specialized systems

An extensive range

Innovative connection methods, from the standard terminal block to specific industrial connectors, screw connections, spring-cage connections, and quick connections.

Electro-Mag provides solutions to your unique challenges in the fields of cable protection, cable marking, labelling, automation, and robotic equipment.

  • Cables and accessories
  • Marking and identification systems
  • Cable management systems
  • Electrical cabinets, thermal management, racks, and housings

Cable management

Wiring accessories

Connection terminals, signal converters, and CC power supplies

Housings for control components

Plug-in control relays and timers

Industrial power and control connectors

Electro-Mag supplies electronic components, visual and audio signalling, and diverse surveillance solutions to respond to current and future market trends.

We put the emphasis on the quality of our products and services in the field of security and information technology to provide optimal solutions that satisfy our customers.

  • Electronic components
  • Oscilloscopes
  • Multimeters & electric testers
  • Surveillance cameras & monitors
  • Infrared cameras
  • Access control systems
  • Vehicle surveillance systems

Our partner brands

Batteries, power bars, and cooling supports

All-purpose batteries

Surveillance systems

Electronic components

Electronic components, cooling fans, and power supply units

Wireless modems

Fuses and fuse holders